matt hyland On Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The 50's roller skate so far, its been a battle but a fun build, I am not hundred percent sure on wether it is built propperly, in the way of gaming,

Here is the wire frame of the mesh, the most hardest part of the build was the axcel part as there were no propper images out there, to get the sence of what it actually looked like, so some of it was geus work. I feel I'm happy the way it has turned out, from 2D not into 3D.

This is the base of the roller skate its self

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  1. tutorphil says:

    Congratulations, Matt - but you need to get this on Alan's desk asap to ensure that the quality is there and that it is modelled in strict accordance with the requirement of games... do not hesitate!

  2. Hi Matt

    I think its important that we choose a platform / console(s) for your game to help identify the level of modelling etc. So the question are...

    "Who is going to play this game?"
    "When and where?"
    "Is there a game out there which is a similar to yours right now?"

  3. matthew says:

    hey thanks

    I'm firstly thinking of the game as a consol game, mainly for PS3 or Xbox, if I did PC, it would be a higher level of detail

    The ages group of 12+

    there is a simluar game out there called Ratchet & Clank which is aimed at 7+ this is teh descripteve outline of this game

    "Supreme Executive Chairman Drek plans to take pieces from other planets across the Solana Galaxy and create one new planet for his people, the Blarg, whose planet has become polluted and uninhabitable. The game introduced features such as the ability to purchase items, weapons, and unlocking gadgets as the game progresses."

    another style of game for the older generation is a game called Rage that is 15+, this agian is a brief descrption

    "The game primarily consists of driving and shooting segments, with the player using his vehicle to explore the world and travel between missions. Players have the ability to augment their cars with various items and upgrades they can gain by completing races, but the game is not specifically a racing title; there is a strong emphasis on first-person action in addition to vehicular battles and races.

    Players have the option to customize their weapons and vehicles, as well as build a wide assortment of items using collected recipes"

    I feel hitting the game for a 12+ generation, I would be hitting it in the middle which means I could make things a tad more detialed but still quarky and fun.

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