matt hyland On Thursday, 16 December 2010

After taking a long thought process of my transcription, I have come to a very stable idea for the project, its self, after talking to Phil and Alan and I'm really happy that it has the green light to go up on this idea.

Now to the idea.


Taking all elements from the book, I have decided to base the project on Oliver Twist, and creating a game inviroment design. I feel that the book has brilliant visual elements to bring out and to put into a game. The influence of the game play its self, will be based up on GTA and Mafia third person games. 

The game inviroment its self will come from Victorian London and the grimy starker poorer areas of London like the poor houses and the dark cobled streets and old smuglers houses and hide aways. There would also be the large green pea smogs that come down up on London where people used to die in them due to having no oxygen in the air.   


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