matt hyland On Thursday, 16 December 2010

Acting up on johns advice about bevelling, I feel that these are much better looking, than the smoothed versions, I put up on a white blinn as at the time I wasn't sure to what sam or richard thought about them being un smoothed. The dificulty I had about bevelling was the centre hole I compensated this with more suporting geometry and trying to work out how to get rid of pentagons, I finally managed to do this after allot of thought.      


I thank Simon allot with helping me with the books in giving them a better way of sculpting them, the origenal ones looked a tad too squair and not very natural.

Bottes of chemecals, a lot of objects are seen but not heard, they are there to build the scene and detail the scene alot more, and make the scenes much more natural

pull down fire button and drinks can

(I may change the colour or create a verioty of colours for this bin, I did two bin as richard advised that the other bin looked more out door style.)

I feel that the tannoy intercom system is looking nice

objects like the tin and toolbox that are going to be placed with in the closet, again low detailed
and just to set the seen for when the door opens and.

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  1. Well done mate, getting there. The bench looks better, I think you could pull the bevel even tighter, all it's there for is to catch the light in order to break up the harsh edge that it would be. Just check out a real bench, you don't get such a wide flat edge like that really. Good progress though my man.

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