matt hyland On Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Object creation, these are objects that are placed to build the scens, they are objects to details to the scenes, so they are not purely detailed

Fire bell

Pull down fire button

this is an alloy bin than I have texture to have rust running arround it

School tannoy system

This will spacifally have an alpha channal over the from to create the grill effect with an black plane behind it


Having the odd can on the side, we must also get accross that this is a school being used every day, so the averagely used item every day might be counted for. But, rememberring not make any of the scenes cluttered, so making the scenes lived in but not over the top. These objects are not going to be in the shot greately and you may question on wether they will be seen, but, also legit in away that it is in an 80's style.We don't want to be putting in items and objects that are from far later or far older than the time. Example in the film billy eliot, they use the song tiger feet from T-Rex, that is mid 70's, and then they have the miners strike that is mid to late 80's. These two world's don't mix as the youth of the 80's wouldn't have listenned to T-Rex. So keeping to the timezone you are basing it on is key in the film.         

SO even when things come down to object design, it is best to keep it with in the time zone you are basing it in.

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