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Dancer in the Dark

I'm not scared to say that this film actually did bring a tear to my eye. The film was exceptionally emotional with no upsides to the story. you know she is becoming more and more blind and as the film plays the situations get worse and worse. The dancing in the film was like her escape from the reality and the situations that she was in, shutting her self away. The biggest turning point in the film was police officer begging her to kill him, and then her being framed for murder. The film ends on a low for her singing her last song. The other area that makes this film real is like as though the camera work is hand held, and almost as if it is documentary, giving across a very real effect. The dance scenes give off a sense of freedom, and an insight to her mind, to who she really wants to be.

Mars Attacks

This film was brilliant, since from watching all the B-Movies this film is much more humorous through this aspect. It takes up all on board the B movie genre and then makes fun out of, it, I feel that this film won't ever age, even with the CG UFOs I think the film will live on even through any generation who watches it. the film was produced in 1996 and when I was young the aliens did used to frighten me. 

The film took the parody of the classic B movie aliens from out of space and made it modern at the same time, through using CG and special effects. the storyline is of the aliens come from mars planning to destroy it, at earth trys to make a peace treaty, at first the aliens accept but are then frightened by a dove flying over and then unleash anger out upon the crowed. This scene is very much like the day the earth stood still. The film pokes fun at the days obsession with the way of trying to make peace, along side with the general always expressing the attempted of war. the film is also along the lines of other spoof films at the time like Austin powers, which again is a film that is an exaggerated spoof of the classic 70's and James bond spy films.


This film I felt wasn't too bad as after watching the original, I felt it was not as effective as the original. The original made by Hitchcock was more effective due to the black and white of the film. the black and white of the film made it more quirky and More uncanny. The later film was a re make using the exact same scenes and locations. They changed some sections and made it more explicit and by doing this, it updated the films appeal to the later audience. I feel that creating the shot for shot remake in a way was a good thing as it gave a later audience a chance to see it for them selves.I feel that the remake was successful but the older version is more creepy due to the black and white, this is due to that the black and white has more contrast is more deeper. 

Shaun of the dead

Shaun of the dead is one of my favourite films, as well as being a film that is my boarder line in watching as I don't like zombie films at all, I enjoy its pure humour. The film is a pastiche due to that it is several  genres mixed together, it's a modern horror spoof mixed with a love story, it also is tongue in cheek and referential as they like to say "stop saying the Z word" as in most zombie films, with in the films they don't usually call the zombies, zombies, so this is self referencing other films and its own genre, as also the way they make the plan to get to the pub. The story its self is tongue in cheek for they way that they do small things like leaving the door open, and also the before and after effect of the film, and  they way go against all the rules in the book. 



This film was a film that really shook me up, it was very very jumpy and hard to watch, though not gruesome, the film put you on edge through every step of the way. the film took you by suspense and surprise, and the notion of an insect swarming the town killing people. The main spider its self came from deep with in a forest, he killed an explorer and hid away in the guys coffin, while it was transported to america. the spider got to the farm through a crow picked it up and flue it to the farm, the spider then killed the crow in mid flight landing him in the farm and thats when story had  begun.  


At first I was nervious of seeing this film due to seeing a very small part of it, being when I was young with my brother and remember seeing the farmers head sticking out the ground, so this image played up om my a tad while watching it. I found the film after a while more of an action film than a horror and really stared to enjoy it mutch more. 

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