matt hyland On Saturday, 6 February 2010

To get a picture I'm my head of what the ocean from under neath looks like, I have decided to visually, gather resources of what the world of the "mermaid" may live in, and I have have found images of mermaids them selves, (though i found this quite difficult


I feel that this view looks like a real version of finding Nemo.

Looking at Coral helps me to visualise what kind inviroment of what the mermaid lives in, and helps with the back story to where she could have come from

These images help with lighting and shading with in the scenes, of how the light is menipulated with in the water, how at difforent depths the light is effected, how the world of the ocian looks.


these help me with the position of the charecter for when I draw her, though, you could draw a normal person with a fishtale in replace of there legs, but it is mainly floating and through looking up on these images, it will be hard to create this in the way this is ellegent enough to be believeable.


an idea about a scene placed around a ship wreck. I had decided to gather visual evidence of ship wrecks and on how they look.

some of these images look depressive the way they just lay there dormant with time forgetting about them. strangely I think this would be cool to see this ship on dry land in this position and with all its wreckage, just to then look around the ship it self, not with it being complete and grand like it is supposed to be, but with it being like this, due to that I think it would tell a completely different story again.

(though having this thought this has spared me into a story mood of the world loosing all its water and groups of people live in old ship wrecks like this....and the world being a desert, and people fighting over for water and oil... this could be in a kind of Mad Max style... OKOKOK back the project)

I like the way ocean has taken over the ships, being once man man now apart of the ocean its self, making the once fully man made harshness of the ship, into something more elegant.

^these where the type of bubbles I was looking at, of that I saw on a documentary about the Bermuda Triangle^

strangely hard to find ocean images of bubbles, as in legitimate bubbles that where not normal every day bubbles and nor CG or Photoshoped bubbles

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