matt hyland On Thursday, 4 February 2010

La Jetee

La jetee I found was strange... creepy but cool, it gave a sense of the previous project of the uncanny, it gave me awaiting suspense of something big was going to happen. I really like the way the stills guide the story along and then are moved farster to Hint movement, till at one point they use an actual peace of film its self, of the lady.

This image/women became repeatedly potent with the film and seemed like a strange destiny to try and find out who she was. though I could connect with this myself where I've had memoriea in the past where I'de like to find out more or re-live that memory.

It was mainly at first these parts that kind of freaked me out, as at first he was discribing it as i kind of turture, so i was suspecting, something harsher when these scenes came along.

though this image reminds me of some figure out of Warhammer Games Workshop/it has now given me another insite to the world that guy now lives in.

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