matt hyland On Thursday, 4 February 2010

for a while now there has been a small debate about the look of my profile, with Allison, and from now I hope the earache should end.

(its been something that's been bugging me, so now I hope this willl be the end of the mini battle)


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  1. tutorphil says:

    It's not just Alison who's been taking issue with your blog aesthetic - I HATED the pus coloured crinkly title that was too MASSIVE - this new set-up is much improved! :-)

  2. cool thanks yeah I find this set-up much more refreshing, and looking back, the black was far too apressive and dull where as now I think the white and the blue is a nicer mix, and whether this is the right term but I think this looks more sleek

  3. Alison says:

    earache???? my jaw is still killing me lol. much better though Matt, it's simple and stylish andwhen I came on the blog it was nice to see your first comment without scrolloing down .... but there are no fish? lmao (which is good)

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