matt hyland On Friday, 4 May 2012

This is a size comparison of the scale between the bomber and the fighter, its quite exciting to see them both in the same scene, and am now going to be working on a small previs of what could be the final scene.

These are 3 songs I have chosen from to go along with the final piece. I am undecided on what tune to go for and would like some feedback.

This is my main influence of song choice for the final piece from the film Memphis Belle.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I'm going to have to say, personally, that five armies suits better, heroic age sounds sort of fantasy medieval and reminds me of the sims, and achilles sounds sort of army like

    To me five armies sounds more suited, the normal tune fits for the fighter and when it goes deeper it fits for the bomber, I can't really explain properly but hopefully you will get what I mean

  2. tutorphil says:

    I'll feedback on the music in a wee while - but now that I'm seeing the baddie plan on profile like that, I think you need to re-model your small glass gun turret on the back of the plane - in comparison with the other glass components of your aircraft, that component looks a bit 'stuck on' - how about integrating it a bit more, so that it's not a complete dome, but rather a continuation from the shape of the aircraft?

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