matt hyland On Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Top influences are

World of planes, sky odessy, uncharted waters online, fish and marine life with in the designs them selves and a slight hint of crimson skys, this game im regesterring as not of an influence of design but more of the influence of the battles... The audiance of this game will be +12

I've also worked on why the planes are influenced by sea and marine creatures.

The two nations are influenced by fish as they used to be seafarers and when they started to develop aircraft they first looked at the sea for their influence, they looked at the way fish swam and glided around in the water and of their dynamic shapes, and these shapes have been the tradition ever since.

Ive started to look at all types of planes ranging from WW1 to WW2.


Gatherring silhouettes of the planes is useful for future designs and development, they made many in WW2 to identifie other planes and ships.

here I'm looking at the fluidety of the metal work, and craftsmenship, and also loooking at the elements that are simular to that of fish.


I really want the aircraft to be based around fish and parts to be influenced from them. as a whole I don’t just want to be sticking an engine on a body of a fish, I want parts of other fish that can be used to create other looks of the planes. For example the tale plane of a from a fish, the engine exhaust being like the fish gills, its armour plating like scales, like that of a lobster.  

I really like the way the smaller legs look like the part of the engine
Angel shark I really like the shape of this I could see a plane just right here.

Manta ray interrestingly looks as if it is flying.

This is incredible as the fish is actually flying and teh bone structure is a brilliant way of showing how the planes wings could be constructed.

 I loved the shape of this for I could just imagen it come right at you with wings and all guns blazing.

The loster armour plating is good styled armour, but if I turned this upside down you could get bomb bay doors. The skales also gave me another idea influenced from death race, the panels could have acertain amount of life and then then player could release them one after the other, gaining speed and a chance to dystroy the oponent behind him.

The antenna gave me an idea for the exhaust, just like the large long exhaust they have on harley davidson bikes, or on hot rods.   

I really like the magestic style of the manta ray

There are many interesting elements to an octipus I could drag into the construction of a plane, for example the head can be like the cabin

A puffer fish styled weapon could come in handy in a dog fight, for example two planes chasing each other, and the one in front releases a large spikey explosive ball in attemped to dystroy the one behind.

on these planes maybe its not just the plane that is influenced by fish but also the colours of the plane aswell

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