matt hyland On Tuesday, 10 January 2012

over the christmas amoungst the distractions and preasent buying, and unwrapping them and amoungst eating the turkey and my mums awesome bread source (because it really is that awesome) and not to mention the mountains of chockies, crisps, party food and other stuff.  I have been working on my project, texturing the environment and finalised my 80's skate.  

 This is the attic environment over the holidays, I put a normal mapping over the walls and beams, I found working on this scene allot more faster through what I learnt from the previous two skates, I feel im become allot more faster with working on texturing, though there are still elements I need to under starnd more about using normal maps, and how to control them more in, what effect I am trying to create with them. From using them and having the expreance that I have had from using them on the skates I grown more understanding on them.
This is the scene from yesterday and today. I was asking phill about the lighting and he said about creating some christmas tree fairy lights, it took me a whole morning to create these and then did a silly school boy error and fogot to save, and Maya crashed. So I spent the rest of the day catching up. Now as you see I am trying to sort out the lighting of teh scene 

I love this scene with the 50's skate scene, I really like the way the light is bouncing off and lighting of the skate and the textures. the main help I need is up on the lighting of this scene.

This is the 80's skate, I feel happy with this, it looks really plasticky, and cheap, on the skate there, is only one specular map and that is mainly on the shoe and the trucks, there is a normal map on the shoe its self but it doesn't seem very clear part  from the wheels and front stopper, the whole skate is normal mapped. 

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