matt hyland On Wednesday, 26 May 2010

While my scenes are rendering away, I have decided to specify and go into mt target market.

my market is teenagers, and my style is key to the style of this generation, I don't want the HUD too complex with tuns of information, for people to switch off.

Facebook is one the biggest parts of the teenage culture, where people update there lives and communicate to their friends most of the time.

I feel today's market is instantaneous and I think the HUD should mix with this style, though not over showing and becoming a distraction to the main animation.

taking a visual look at what teenagers are into today in the sence of gaming. Taking also the depths of the XBOX vs PS3 vs PC war which one is better is full of many mnay questions and areas that go into many depths of detail (as a PC fan my self, I have to be biased and say PC) but anyways I'm not here to duel against this whole world to what is what.

My point is that teenagers live with in this world built by instantaneous action and freedom created by large scale companies of what these games pervide, with in these fantasy worlds, that give us the freedom to be what we want to be.

bringing this into the HUD scale of the ideas, as you see with in these gaming huds below they are not overly complicating the screen, and taking too much space.

The HUD's here are clear.

though I MUST NOT forget that this HUD is apart of an ROV aswell.

THE MAIN POINT is that i don't want the HUD to cloud and distract the animation =)

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