matt hyland On Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm looking up on Dafont to seek out new fonts that I want for my hud

(spaceship Bullet)

hud concepts

I have learnt on how to create scan lines in photo shop

this concept is of the slime mold crcking open, below is with the screen line effect over the top

this is the terminator HUD effect I'm looking at, but this will be in blue

puting this into photo shop and changing the hue, expresses the colour pf the camera I want, say this, I dont want the blue to over power the image, i think it would be best to have it a faint hint rather than full on blue

this is a vid i found of that someone had recreated the HUD in after effects.

though I'm not going to properly replicate the HUD, but improvise the same style

this footage is from the actual film its self

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