matt hyland On Sunday, 2 May 2010

I found creating this image hard as trying to randomise the spunge molds, to make them as natural as possible, and trying to express the design and look that I'm going for at the same time, I'm also trying to reslve the inner world of the spunge mold, taking Phils advice, but also taking freferance forom photo, knowlage as well

strangely I think this one looks more like an alien land skape, I think if I move on with this concept I will refine the detail of the land that they are sitting up on...

Its this image that I'm taking the most reference from, at the moment, as it is done with in colour.

here I've decided to put the images indo black and white and change the contrast, the lower one looks now more like an aquatic scene.

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  1. Lev says:

    Looking good there Matt :D, however I think the background could have a little bit more 'blue' in it if it's for an underwater scene ^^

  2. about randomizing the spores, I know its difficult, but dont forget even the professionals use the same drawing over again, just tweaking the inversion or distortion, e.g. cut the top of the spore and invert it it will create a new one, the stem can be distorted also, but in the end dont forget to add the lighting accordingly :P

    example of repetition in concept art:

    if you see the skulls they are retreaded in the background, also the foreground ones, 1 is painted proparly, the closer one the rest is simple facial features :P

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