matt hyland On Sunday, 25 April 2010

I feel slightly disappointed that I didn't get this done... the last section is confusing to see what the mushroom is doing, but he is shaking off the water after the rain fall.

the other section that also disappoints me is the walk from one area to the end on the 4th scene where mushroom walk across the page, It goes way to fast, for you to take in and for it to express that it is depressed.

for a few weeks now I have suffered from illness, and I now have medicine for it now.

I feel at the beginning of this project everything was going very smooth in which I really hope for my next it will stay just as smooth as it was at this beginning (but all the way through), towards the end things started to crumble away for me on trying to get things done.

personally in this project I have sense that I'm starting to scramble and trying to hold on rather than flowing. And things are becoming spiky with my world.

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