matt hyland On Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The fantastic voyage was a very quirky film. What I took note of, was the way they represented the blood cells, and the mass environment they were surrounded in, I actually believable, though I found the sound quite shrill at times with the music. you could easily tell that the knowledge they had at the t time was quite dated. (The new parts that lasers where new and nuclear didn't effect the body in anyway, though they did hit up on something real today, that, the sub is nuclear powered, as are most modern subs are today)

These key elements told the ere of when this film was made, and everything like that was all new at the time. for instance the Nuclear and the Laser. (another feature is the teck at the time; Big computers filling the space, and everything with toggle switches and knobs)

The other detail with in this film, is the 1960's attitude to women and how they're seen as week and seen to be only to work behind a kitchen sink, and as also seen as an object.

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