matt hyland On Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A few weeks ago when i had my camera we went down to the dockyard to take images of more types of objects and forms to use, I like the way these forms flow and inspire me to create more objects of the three subjects given to us, these are a small number of the images i took but are my most favorite through there forms and shapes to build from.

I like the way this is flying at you like a bird, fish or fly.

this is one of my favorite forms/ images i have used.

The detail was to small for the camera to pick up, but the shape was grate.

Sadly this one blurred slightly.

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  1. Farideh says:

    I enjoyed our lil trip to dockside ^_^ it really did help alot

  2. yeah I did to :D there where so many interesting things there to play around and change and muck around with our imaginations :D

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