matt hyland On Wednesday, 2 March 2011

for a few weeks I've been down stressed about my work, and about doing the last unit and struggling mentally on building up to do it, as I explained to Alan that I've been in a constant mental spiral and where I've been trapped in this mental spiral and getting stressed and wanting to escape....

the other day I was listening to my mp3 player, I didn't know this song was on it but it said something to me that meant so much for me, I didn't know I had this song on my mp3 at all...

There always seems to be a door that you can't open
There always seems to be a mountain you can't climb
But you keep on reaching
You just keep on reaching

When your destiny is out there in the distance
But the road ahead's a mine field in disguise
And you keep on moving
You just keep on moving

You will make it through this
Just give it time
You gotta give it time

This is what you're made for
Standing in the downpour
Knowing that the sun will shine
Forget what lies behind you

Heaven walks beside you
You got to give it one more try
One more time

You just keep on reaching
You just keep on, you keep on moving

When the shadows fall on everything you're dreaming
When the promises turn out to be a lie
You just keep believing
You just keep believing
Oh, don't stop your dreaming
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
You've got to keep on reaching
Keep believing
It's gonna be alright

(song and lyrics my M.W.Smith)
yes I am a christian and no I'm not here to preach or express it in anyway at all, and another thing has come to me since, I have not failed ye. Until I've walked away with nothing, and I'm now going to fight and tair down the walls of my mind to fight with my self, as this inner battle and war will not overcome me, and I shall prevail, for when I do walk, I will walk with something not nothing. so its time to fight, my inner struggle and battle till I win, for yes I have a few scars, but I wont allow them to get in my way. I'm going take heed of the lessons of the past, and move on and on... time will become weary and it will become hard, but I shall not give in.

(I just feel I had to express this... I'm not sure weather it is the corect thing to do or whether this profesional of me to express, but I felt that I had to...)

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