matt hyland On Monday, 31 January 2011

This is the first piece of artwork, and concept design for my transcription. It is not yet finished, and am quite nervous of drawing in the brick detail as it may mess it up. never the less I feel that must be done but with great care and attention, the few things that i notice is the un evenness of the supports under the walk way, I am tempted to re correct this. 

For my transcription I am doing a game concept design of the book Oliver twist.

The game would be sandbox based games, those like Grand Theft Auto and Mafia.

If playing this game for real you would be able to walk around the streets of Victorian London as Oliver Twist and going through the story of Oliver Twist.

The concept is created by many elements of the visual research I've gathered prier to this and reading through descriptions of what it was like.

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